Thank you and goodbye.

I spent a lot of time on Feed Hero. A lot. And I still think that the idea has merit. But the time has come to shut it down anyway.

Big decisions are hard. I’ve talked myself into and out of this decision at least 20 times. I know that it’s the right decision. I know that there are other projects that are more important for me to pour myself into. But still, sunk cost bias is a real asshole.

Thank you, from the middle of my heart, to each person who supported me on this journey. You know who you are. To the folks who hopped on Skype with me to hash things out. To the folks who gave me their credit card info before even seeing the app. It means a lot to me. And as sorry as I am to be letting you down, I’m confident that you’d be happy to see me commit to the decision that I think is best. That makes me even more thankful.